Loba Decking Oil


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Decking Oils

Loba’s decking oils are formulated to protect wooden decks, garden furniture, outdoor wooden fascias and trim from water and sun damage, provide anti-slip properties and prevent algae growth. Tradesmen and home owners can rely on our decking oil to nourish outdoor wood, making it supple and resilient. As decks and garden furniture gets older, it will especially benefit from our range of deck oils to decrease greying and the appearance of cracks. Besides saturating and protecting your deck, some of our oils, such as the Bankirai Dark Deck and Teak Oil, also have a tint to provide a richer colour without the need for applying a decking stain

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Deck Oil Transparent 2.5L, Deck Oil Transparent 12L, Deck Oil Transparent 750ml, Deck Oil Dark Brown 2.5L