Loba Deck Degrayer 2.5L


DeckDegrayer 2.5L

Hardwood Cleaner for Decks and Garden Furniture

Deep cleaning product for external decking and furniture. Removes the dirt and grey from weathered decking without the need for sanding the surface. Restores the natural colour of the wood.

  • Ideal degraying preparation for follow-up treatment
  • Easy and safe application
  • Can be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces and garden furniture, does not drip
  • No sanding necessary
  • Applicable to all wood species
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Deck Cleaner

Loba’s deck cleaning products are perfect for routine and deep cleaning hardwood decks and garden furniture, and include special formulas for composite decks. Regular deck cleaning with products in our range will help clean up and prevent the build up of mould and mildew stains, food and braai spills, algae, pet food and dirt. We also offer deep cleaning solutions to remove tough buildup and prepare decks and garden furniture for restoration. Our range includes specialised cleaning products for oil, waxed, varnished and composite decks

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Deck Degrayer 2.5L