Garapa Wood Now in the Garden Route now in the Garden Route

Garapa Wood Now in the Garden Route

The idyllic Garden Route is a welcoming destination for everyone with a love for nature! You can appreciate exceptional natural beauty here, and settle down to enjoy a life away from the fast-paced city atmosphere. With Garapa Wood Now in the Garden Route, you can create a striking outdoor entertainment area that increases the value of your property, with an aesthetic that presents seaside luxury, effortlessly and naturally.

Garapa decking wood and structural wood are available to those living in George, Plettenberg Bay, Wilderness, and other areas within the Garden Route. This versatile wood is quickly making a name for itself as a well-priced all-exterior wood with many exceptional qualities.

There are many benefits of using Garapa as a structural wood, and we stock Garapa for your DIY projects or outdoor home improvement ventures. Our team has started supplying clients in the Garden Route too, who’ve found that this unique hardwood is able to withstand the outdoor elements of a coastal region, as it keeps moisture at bay thanks to its density and waterproof grain. Impressively, Garapa is considered fire-resistant as well, sharing a fire-safety rating with steel!

Garapa decking and sliding is soft and satin-like in appearance, even though it’s a tough wood. Its light colour transitions from honey hues to silver shades over time. With Garapa Wood Now in the Garden Route, residents and property owners have access to one of just a few commercial hardwoods with a light-coloured appearance. From sliding deck pool covers to pergolas, walkways, screens, and outdoor furniture, Garapa wood can feature in the most practical and elegant ways throughout your property’s outdoor spaces.

Garapa is quickly earning a name amongst contemporary designers and contractors in South Africa, as the light-coloured and less costly alternative to Ipe. These two popular hardwoods share many of the same attractive qualities, most notably their resistance to warping, shrinking, splintering, and decaying. For properties in the Garden Route, Garapa fits in beautifully with modern coastal living and complements the natural charm of its small coastal towns.

Some of the feedback we’ve received from DIY enthusiasts is how easy Garapa is to work with. Although dense, it is lighter than Ipe and also takes well to glue. Garapa wood requires very little upkeep and maintenance, only needing the occasional wash with soap and water. We have clients who prefer to apply a hardwood finish to their deck that maintains Garapa’s warm golden tones, while other clients love how the wood colour changes to silver for a weathered and elegant look.

Transform the way the outdoor areas of your home function, with durable and stunning Garapa hardwood finishes that are environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced. With Garapa Wood Now in the Garden Route as well as the Western Cape, you can buy high-quality Garapa Decking Wood and Structural Wood online to elevate your property!