Garapa Wood Perfect for Outdoor Furniture

Garapa Wood Perfect for Outdoor Furniture

Garapa Wood Perfect for Outdoor Furniture

Garapa wood is frequently used for outdoor projects and furniture thanks to its excellent workability, robustness, and long-lasting nature. Its honey yellow colouring is another benefit. When utilised on external projects and constructions, Garapa hardwood is substantially more weather resistant than oak despite being around 1.5 times harder. Garapa wood is used for docks, piers, bridges, and walkways in addition to decks, which are well recognized and frequently made of Garapa wood.

Garapa hardwood has become an all-natural substitute for synthetic decking materials thanks to its incredible cost, which has also contributed to the wood’s meteoric rise in popularity.  Garapa decking actually costs less than almost all composite and synthetic decking materials, despite being harder and stronger than composite decking.  Garapa wood is robust, durable, and resistant enough to be utilised for boardwalks and other high traffic places such as marinas and public dock areas, even though it may not be quite as hard as some other high density hardwoods.

Given all the advantages of Garapa hardwood, it comes as no surprise that so many outdoor projects use Garapa wood products so frequently.

Garapa Wood’s Principal Advantages for Outdoor Projects:

  • More durable and robust than oak
  • Surprisingly affordable
  • Cheaper than synthetic and plastic decking
  • Sustainable wood that is all-natural
  • Termite and decay resistance rated as lasting
  • Very durable and sturdy

Garapa wood is remarkably stable and long-lasting, and architects regularly specify it for outdoor furniture, wood siding, soffits, rain screen systems, and other things. Builders and contractors adore and value the easier workability of Garapa wood since it is slightly softer and less dense than other external hardwoods with higher densities like Ipe, Machiche, and Cumaru.

Additionally, deck railings, fences, trellises, pergolas, and various other outdoor constructions are made from Garapa wood.  Garapa hardwood is definitely worth considering whenever the main project concerns ask for reasonably priced, robust, all-natural wood that will withstand the elements and still look great for decades.

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