A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Garapa Wood

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Garapa Wood

South Africans are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing timber. Out of all the choices we have, garapa wood is one of our favourites. It is one of the most popular woods used for decking due to its alluring properties and reliability. It’s durable, stable, and perfect for outdoor decking and other construction projects. This South American wood is sourced from the garapa tree. It is also known as Brazillian Oak or Brazillian Ash. It has an illuminating golden-to-light brown hue.

When deciding on the correct wood to purchase, there are a few things to consider. Let’s have a look at why buying Garapa wood is a great option.

Why Choose Garapa Wood?

Even though garapa has an attractive aesthetic, this wood is more than its visual appeal. It’s durable and naturally resistant to decay and insect infestation.

The wood is highly dense. This natural hardness ensures that it’s able to withstand heavy foot traffic and wear, making it perfect for both pedestrian areas and at home. It’s a reliable choice for a deck that will have a lot of activity.

Over time, the wood changes colour, adding extra character and charm to the construction. Its popularity is also due to how attractive it looks in outdoor spaces. If the wood is left natural, the colour will turn a variation of soft silver. The wood appears to shift from dark to light colouring at different lighting angles, which gives the wood a unique and aesthetically interesting appearance.

Similar to other hardwoods, like Ipe and Cumaru, garapa wood is extraordinarily resistant to shrinking, twisting, cracking, warping, and splintering. It’s also resistant to cupping, which can occur when the underside of the wood is exposed to too much moisture.

Another bonus to buying garapa is that maintenance is relatively easy and low-key. Periodic cleaning with mild soap, water, and a hard brush is enough to keep your wood sparkling and looking brand new.

Is Garapa Wood Waterproof?

Yes! Adding to its accolades, garapa wood is extremely water-resistant. This is due to its tight grain, which naturally keeps out moisture. If you’re planning on building a deck around water, this is a perfect pool-friendly or dock surface. Adding to the numerous benefits, the wood’s density keeps out termites and other insects. Meaning longer-lasting, quality wood.

Is Garapa Wood A Hardwood Or Softwood?

Garapa is a hardwood. Hardwoods grow slower than softwoods and often require drying times. However, they are more resilient and durable than softwoods, such as pine, fir, and spruce. Other hardwoods include maple, oak, teak, and ipe. These woods are known for their high quality and resistance to scratches and denting. They’re also more fire-resistant and can endure harsher elements than softwoods.

How Long Does Garapa Decking Last?

This lifelong wood lasts for many years with proper maintenance and installation. Its lifespan ranges from 20 to 30 years and is suitable for a variety of applications. It has a Janka Hardness rating of 1,650 pounds, indicating that it is softer than other tropical hardwoods like Ipe and Cumaru but much harder than redwood and cedar.

Garapa wood works well in areas with challenging weather conditions. Garapa is highly dense and durable. It’s perfect for the South African climate.

Garapa wood is an excellent buy when considering all the benefits. For all your DIY construction requirements, Garapa.co.za provides Garapa decking solutions. We provide garapa wood in the Garden Route, including George, Plettenberg Bay and Wilderness. While we carry everything you’ll need to make your project a success, it’s crucial to keep in mind that we do not cut or fit your requirements.

Guide to buying garapa wood.

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