What To Look For In Decking Wood

What To Look For In Decking Wood

Having an outside deck is not only an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home, but it provides a practical space. It’s perfect for entertaining and naturally enhances one’s outdoor space. This is ideal for creating an area that’s extra comfortable and versatile.

Having a deck is also great for gatherings with family and friends. It is a valuable addition to any home and increases the property value. From socialising to relaxing after a long day at work, the benefits are endless.

Building a deck at home is a relatively simple process. Below are a few things to look for in decking wood before you get started.

Tips For Choosing Decking Wood

When deciding on the right decking wood for you, choose decking wood that is both time-saving and cost-effective. There are a variety of woods that fit this criteria. However, different woods have different pros and cons.

Decide on one that suits your requirements. When it comes to aesthetics, there are different colours, grains, and patterns, which is very useful, as it will give you room to customise your deck to your personal preferences. It’s important to also keep in mind how maintenance will look. You need to choose one that accommodates your lifestyle and budget.

Also, keep in mind the weather conditions of your area and which lumber is best suited to these conditions long term. Climate plays an important role in the longevity and health of your deck.

Hardwood vs. Softwood

A new deck is only as good as the materials you use to construct it. The quality and size of the wood you choose will have a significant effect on the overall look and design of the deck you build.

When planning on building a deck, one of the first decisions is whether to choose hardwood or softwood as your decking wood.

Hardwood is slow-growing wood with broad leaves, such as teak, oak, and garapa wood.

Softwoods are faster-growing tree species that have smaller leaves, such as evergreens. These woods include famous ones such as pine and cedar.

For the most part, hardwood decks often outperform softwood decks when it comes to weather resistance, longevity, and overall durability. This is because they’re naturally more resistant to insects, moisture, and harsh elements. Because hardwoods are so reliable and not available in abundance, they are significantly more expensive than softwoods. However, the long-lasting nature of the wood makes it worth it.

They are extremely durable, but with that level of durability comes a significant price tag. Softwood decking, which is typically treated with preservative chemicals, is a much more economical choice and can last a while, however, annual maintenance is required to maximise the life of this type of deck. Besides their durability, hardwoods are very sturdy and resistant to warping and flames. The downside of hardwood decks is that they are often difficult to install because of their solidity.

What Type Of Decking Wood Is Best?

When it comes to decking wood, aesthetics are also important. If you want a natural-looking deck, cedar is one of the best-looking materials. It is soft, yet durable, naturally beautiful, and lasts for up to 25 years. It’s also very affordable, lightweight, and versatile. It can adapt to different moisture levels, making it less likely to crack or warp. The downside of cedar is that it needs to be sealed and stained every few years. It’s also slightly more sensitive to the elements, easily affected by scratches and denting.

Pine wood is another affordable, sustainable, and long-lasting wood for decking. When using pine wood for decking, it’s important to work properly with it, as it’s prone to denting and scratches. This wood is a popular decking choice because it is inexpensive and widely available.

Selecting the decking wood is a delicate balance between budget, preference, and quality.

Make sure to properly research the different types of lumber options available. Always aim to purchase the best quality wood that your budget will allow, this is important for the most desired outcome.

What to look in decking wood.

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