Stylish Decking Around The Pool

Stylish Decking Around The Pool

Stylish Decking Around The Pool

Jumping into a pool is the epitome of summer and it’s even better if it’s in your backyard. An above-ground pool is a less expensive —yet equally enjoyable—alternative to in-ground pools, which may be among the most expensive outdoor home improvements.

Installing magnificent wood decking around your swimming pool will elevate it to new heights. offers a variety of stylish decking for use outdoors and around swimming pools. This not only transforms your outdoor swimming area into a gorgeous entertainment space, but it also increases the value of your property. 

What kind of wood will you use depends on whether you’re building a new wood deck from scratch or just replacing the boards on an old one. Tropical hardwoods are excellent choices for a wood deck if you want to use natural wood. Yet choosing the best one can be challenging because they are all exquisite, sturdy, and dense. 

For outdoor uses, Garapa wood is a hardwood that is gaining popularity. It’s an excellent option for decks, patios, walks, and other outdoor projects because of its strength, stability, and long-term durability. Golden brown is the hue of the wood. It is also well renowned for being water-resistant, which makes it perfect for humid or wet areas.

Garapa wood is an excellent option if you’re wanting to build or refurbish an existing wood deck because it’s reasonably simple to work with. Like any other kind of lumber, it can be trimmed, milled, sanded, and stained. To prevent water damage, it is essential to make sure that the wood is well sealed.

If properly sealed and cleaned, Garapa wood for decks can endure more than 30 years with little upkeep. Also, it is exceptionally resistant to warping or splintering, even in harsh weather, so you won’t need to worry about replacing or fixing boards on a regular basis. Garapa wood must be sealed, which is among the most crucial things to keep in mind. Your Garapa will look its finest and be protected from the weather if you seal it. On hardwood floors, make sure to apply a waterproof sealant made especially for outdoor use.

Our Garapa decking is sold at each individual plank. The price of our Garapa hardwood is calculated with VAT already included and is sold at a variety of lengths; allowing you to find the perfect fit for your project. If you’re ready to take your pool and outdoor area to new heights, contact on 021 712 1550 or email us at


For all of your DIY construction requirements, provides Garapa decking solutions. While we carry everything you’ll need to make your project a success, it’s crucial to keep in mind that we do not cut or fit to your requirements.