Some FAQs on Garapa Decking

Some FAQs on Garapa Decking

Some FAQs on Garapa Decking

Garapa wood has outstanding workability, is sturdy, and has a long lifespan, making it a popular choice for outdoor projects. Another advantage is the colour, which is honey yellow. Garapa hardwood, despite being around 1.5 times harder than oak, is significantly more weather resistant when utilized on exterior projects and buildings. In addition to its well-known and well-liked use for decks, Garapa decking is used for docks, piers, bridges, and walkways. Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions on Garapa Decking.

Q. Is Garapa water resistant?
A. Garapa wood is a dense, strong hardwood that is naturally resistant to moisture and decay, which makes it an excellent choice for outdoor applications such as decking.

Q. Where does Garapa wood come from?
A. Garapa is a South American wood with yellow to brown-yellow heartwood. Garapa decking has a medium luster, an interlocked grain, and a fine texture that accentuates the wood’s rich gold and brown tones. The wood is also rated with a solid Janka hardness rating of 1,700, which is about 25% harder than Red Oak.

Q. Do you need to oil Garapa?
A. We recommend the boards be end-sealed with a quality penetrating oil as soon as possible after cutting and before final installation. In order to minimise surface checking, cupping and discolouration, it is recommended Garapa decking be coated on all four sides prior to being laid.

Q. How long does Garapa decking last?
Garapa is a durable hardwood with a 30+ year lifespan that is suitable for many applications. – This is obviously very dependant on how it is installed.

Q. Does Garapa go grey?
A. Exotic Garapa wood, like all wood exposed outdoors, will turn grey over time. Your aged Garapa decking will take on a dull colour, which will create a sort of grey haze on the surface of the wood.

Q. Does Garapa bleed?
Garapa is a light yellow to honey-brown colour and its interlocked grain has a fine texture. It is a very durable timber that resists rot, decay and fire. The timber is lustrous and does not bleed. It has a high silica content and is scratch resistant.

Q. Does Garapa shrink?
A. Garapa Decking is kiln dried, (known as KD Garapa), minimizing any shrinkage and checking (splitting). Garapa decking is a great material option to provide an all-natural, real wood deck surface that is just right for your project.


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