Garapa Wooden Deck and a Fireplace?

Garapa Wooden Deck and a Fireplace?

What’s not to love about a fireplace on a wooden deck? Any outdoor living arrangement can be more aesthetically pleasing with a fireplace. When the weather is chilly, a fireplace will also offer warmth and atmosphere for outdoor enjoyment. 

Do you want to start a new project? Then add a fireplace to your deck! This is an excellent addition to your outdoor living space. It not only keeps you warm while you braai, relax in rocking chairs or prepare for an outdoor party, but it also adds a dimension of design to your outdoor living space that would otherwise be missing. While you may dream about having a wood deck fireplace, there are factors to take into consideration when installing one.

The type of fireplace you install on your deck will be one of the factors to take into account. Traditionally burning wood, gas or electric are your options. While a wood-burning fireplace on your deck may be feasible, you must consider the additional requirements. The first is a taller, more functional chimney. The next consideration is wood storage and cleanup – ash, wood debris and the possibility of floating embers while in use will all factor into your final decision. A gas-burning fireplace or electric unit will be quite accommodating if you want a cleaner, though more of a less traditional option. Gas fireplaces require a connection to your current gas utility, or depending on your demands, a standalone propane tank. Electric units add ambiance but not much warmth. 

Instead, consider a gas-burning fire pit if you’re searching for a less expensive way to add a fire feature to your deck. In their own unique way, fire pits can provide beauty and charm and be just as useful as an outdoor fireplace. In order to spend time with their loved ones around the open flame, many homeowners choose a fire pit rather than a fireplace. Although Garapa wood is extremely fire resistant, it is still important to be careful when enjoying your outdoor fireplace as anything can happen and no deck is completely fire-resistant.

Safety Precautions for your Fireplace on your Deck

Stay Alert

The first rule may appear easy, yet it is well worth emphasizing. Never leave a fire pit alone on your hardwood or composite deck, or anyplace in your yard for that matter!

Keep a Fire Extinguisher Close By

Make sure there’s plenty of water and a fire extinguisher nearby, and make sure everyone knows where it is. This is already a done thing for many families, at least if the outdoor hose is nearby. If not, keep a covered bucket, tub, or pitcher full of water near your deck’s fire pit. As a result, everyone enjoying the controlled fire will be able to quickly and efficiently put out a potentially deadly blaze.

Be Mindful of Its Location

A blazing fire pit can destroy more than just a hardwood or composite deck! The chance of your home catching fire is quite high, regardless of how large your outdoor space is. A fire’s heat might damage your siding, resulting in ugly exterior or costly repairs. Never place your fire pit flush against the side of your house, garage, or other structure. Fires should be kept at least 5 meters away from your home.

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