Deck Protection Methods

Deck Protection Methods

Deck Protection Methods

In most places, a deck can serve as a seasonal family space during the spring, summer and even autumn months. Although deck living can be relaxed and carefree, wood and composite decks require regular upkeep and care. Even treated wood deteriorates over time and the effects of water, humidity and sun exposure can render your attractive, wooden sanctuary unattractive and dirty after just one season. Here are five ways you may give your deck the protection it deserves.

Choose The Correct Products

Your deck may have been built for beauty, but maintaining it is all about following directions. Wood appears to be indestructible, yet it is not. When you use a power washer or choose a specific stain or protector, you’re dealing with strong solvents and equipment. Deck maintenance products are intended for a specific application. Almost all of them will cause difficulties if they are not used as directed by the manufacturer. It may sound cliché to emphasize the need to read the instructions on the items you use carefully, but failing to do so can result in hassles you don’t want when maintaining your deck.

Clean Your Deck

No deck preservative can work successfully unless it is applied to a clean deck, and preparing a deck for its periodic application of waterproof sealant can be a difficult task without the proper tools. Many professionals use pressure washers in conjunction with cleaning and pre-treatment solutions designed to remove dirt and loose wood particles.  If you choose to use a pressure washer, select the lowest setting that will suffice. Allow plenty of time for your deck to dry after cleaning it. Make sure the deck is completely dry before applying sealant.

Keep Your Deck Oiled

A bare deck will decay rapidly. Even though pressure-treated wood like Garapa is resistant to rotting and insect predation, it will still fracture and break when exposed to water. The only way to successfully protect your deck over time is to use a deck preservative. There are deck oils, stains, and paints on the market that are specifically developed for use on decks. The most important thing you can do to safeguard your investment is to use a wood oil on a regular basis, preferably in the autumn when temperatures are stable and rain isn’t expected for a week or more. Once a year is considered the norm, however, newer formulations may lower the frequency of reapplication to once every three or four years if you’re lucky.

Practice Regular Maintenance

You can extend the life of your Garapa wood deck by anticipating potential problems. Sweep your Garapa wood deck on a regular basis. Leaves, especially damp leaves, should not be accumulated. Keep shrubs at least a couple of feet away from your Garapa wood deck, especially on the shaded side of your property. To keep the crevices between the deck’s floorboards clean, use a five-in-one painter’s tool. As soon as you see food stains or bird droppings, clean them up. If you have potted plants on your deck, elevate them to allow ventilation beneath them or move them on a regular basis.

Be Observant 

It’s natural to believe that a Garapa wood deck should be quite resistant to the elements, at least for a few years. The truth is, decks absorb a lot of abuse over the course of a single season. Because there is no above protection, water remains on the wood longer, and sunlight can be more concentrated and harmful. Foot and pet traffic, as well as moisture issues caused by landscape plants and other objects that hinder adequate air flow, can all cause your Garapa wood deck to age prematurely.

If you wash, clean, repair, sand, and seal your Garapa wood deck once a year, it will rapidly look like new. This will protect your investment over time and transform your deck into a fantastic area to spend time all year. For more information on Garapa wood deck protection methods, contact immediately. Simply send us an email at or use our website’s contact form, and we will get back to you.


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