Benefits of using Garapa Wood for a Deck

Benefits of using Garapa Wood for a Deck

Benefits of using Garapa Wood for a Deck

A deck can add beauty to a home, but if it is not properly maintained, it can also become an eyesore. People are better off selecting a wood like Garapa when considering a deck project because the exposure to the elements can cause havoc on wood that is not properly treated and sealed. We have outlined a few of the benefits of using Garapa wood for a deck. 

Naturally Resistant 

It is crucially important that you select a wood that can withstand the elements when choosing the right decking material. Decks have to endure a lot of wear and tear, which is why deck woods with naturally resistant qualities are the best choice due to weather changes, the presence of moisture and the near-constant presence of insects. Garapa wood has long been known for its innate resistance to decay, mold and insect damage such as termites. A well-maintained Garapa wood deck (one that has been treated with a UV inhibitor) can last for more than 30 years without the need for continuous repair and chemical treatment.  

Naturally Beautiful

While choosing a sturdy wood is a crucial component of deck design, it is equally important to consider how the actual wood will look. Building a deck out of unappealing wood is like painting a picture without the correct components – the deck will be functional but not attractive. Fortunately, Garapa wood is both strong and beautiful. Garapa wood’s colour spans from golden to warm honey brown, producing an instantly attractive space that will offer a cosy feel to any outdoor spot.


Price is one of the most significant limiting variables for individuals when designing a deck. Decks, by definition, may be quite costly to build when all materials and labour costs are considered. Thankfully, Garapa wood is relatively inexpensive, costing much less than Ipe wood and other composite decking materials. 

Low Maintenance 

While no deck is maintenance-free, homeowners love Garapa wood because it is low-maintenance. You will be able to devote more time to enjoying your new outdoor living space and less time maintaining it. If untreated, Garapa wood will darken slightly when exposed to UV light and eventually convert to a silver gray, akin to worn Ipe. To keep its original colour, Garapa wood should be cleaned on a regular basis and refinished once a year with exotic hardwood oil.

Improved Safety

Garapa wood’s strength and durability also aid to lessen risks. Splintering and decay are less common due to its high density. Garapa is also noted for its fire resistance, with ratings comparable to steel, brick and cement. With less to worry about, enjoy walking barefoot and braaing. Like with any deck, you should inspect it for damage on a regular basis and keep in mind that it is not completely maintenance free.

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