Benefits of using Garapa as Structural Wood

Garapa as structural wood.

Benefits of using Garapa as Structural Wood

Structural Garapa wood is frequently used for outdoor projects due to its excellent workability, robustness and long-lasting nature. Its honey yellow colouring is another benefit. When utilised on external projects and constructions, structural Garapa is substantially more weather resistant than oak, despite being around 1.5 times harder. Structural Garapa is used for docks, piers, bridges and walkways in addition to decks, which are well recognised and frequently made of Garapa wood.

Garapa hardwood has become an all-natural substitute for synthetic decking materials thanks to its incredible cost, which has also contributed to the wood’s meteoric rise in popularity. Garapa decking actually costs less than almost all composite and synthetic decking materials, despite being harder and stronger than composite decking. Garapa wood is robust, durable and resistant enough to be utilised for boardwalks and other high traffic areas such as marinas and dock areas, even though it may not be quite as hard as some other high density hardwoods like Ipe, Machiche and Camaru.

Given all the advantages of Garapa, it comes as no surprise that so many outdoor projects use Garapa wood so frequently.

Benefits of using Garapa as Structural Wood:

  • Stronger and harder than oak
  • Surprisingly affordable
  • Less costly than plastic and synthetic decking
  • Sustainably harvested all natural wood
  • Rated durable against termites and decay
  • Very stable and long lasting

Garapa as structural wood is widely used by architects for outdoor furniture, wood siding, soffits, rain screen systems and more because of its exceptional stability and toughness. Builders may enjoy and value the easier workability of structural Garapa since it is slightly softer and less dense than other exterior hardwoods. 

For all of your DIY construction needs, structural Garapa solutions are accessible in Cape Town and George at Although we have everything you’ll need to finish your job effectively, it’s vital to keep in mind that we do not cut or modify our products to your needs. 

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For all of your DIY construction requirements, provides Garapa decking solutions. While we carry everything you’ll need to make your project a success, it’s crucial to keep in mind that we do not cut or fit to your requirements.