Adding a Deck Will Add Value To Your Home

Adding a Deck Will Add Value To Your House

Adding a Deck Will Add Value To Your Home

Decks function as an extension of a home’s living space. It gives homeowners a fresh spot to unwind and gather with their loved ones in a tranquil setting. Decks are ideal for gatherings as they provide guests with space that the interior of the house cannot. If your home has a deck, you may use it to host a braai, put down sleeping bags for the kids to camp out on or simply relax there in the morning to read the newspaper while drinking coffee. 

There are some activities you can’t do inside because of the limited space in your house, but you can do on your deck. As a result, a home with a deck becomes enticing to home buyers. Your house will be worth more when you put it up for sale once it attracts the attention of potential buyers. 

Tips to Make Sure a Deck Increases Your Home Value:

While a deck will add value to your home, the return on investment is dependent on a few important factors such as location, material, time and labour expenses. 


If you live in a warm climate where outdoor lifestyles are popular, homebuyers would most likely want to have a living space where they can enjoy having a braai with friends or laying by the pool. Even in colder climates, a deck expands the area available for entertaining friends and family in the late spring, summer and early autumn. 


If you prefer a natural wood deck, tropical hardwoods like Garapa that we stock are a good choice. Garapa has grown in favour among homeowners in recent years and while any hardwood would make a wonderful deck, homeowners prefer Garapa because it is one of the most affordable hardwoods available. 

No one can deny that Ipe is the undisputed king of density and durability, but Garapa isn’t far behind. To begin with, it is still much tougher than softwoods such as cedar and pine. Gapara, like Ipe has rot resistance, insect resistance and a high-end appearance and with a Class A fire rating, Garapa is in the same class as inorganic materials such as steel, brick and cement. 

Water, debris and insects can deteriorate and degrade wooden planks over time. These risks can be reduced by using Garapa wood for your decking project. With sufficient upkeep, Garapa is less prone to splintering from softwoods. Furthermore, because it is immune to decay, your deck will live longer before succumbing to rot. 

DIY Your Deck

One of the best methods to save money on decking is to build it yourself. If you’re a handy DIYer, you can save a lot of money on labour expenses. 


A deck can be important for the homeowner’s quality of life as well as the financial rewards. If you intend to sell your home in the near future, you may want to avoid investing in an expensive deck project. But, if you want to live in your house for a long time, it is worthwhile to invest more thought and amenities into your deck design so that you may enjoy this outdoor space for many years to come.  

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